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bitmapImageGen API docs

The bitmapImageGen API is accessible through the /bitmapgen/ path on The API supports two different methods of generation: base10 and base64 RGB. It will return a 160x160 .png image with each pixel being 10x10 pixels on the output.


You can generate a base10 colour image with a get request like this:

A correctly formatted image link will consist of 16 sets of 16 digits. Each line is separated by a "-".
Colour key: 0=black, 1=white, 2=red, 3=green, 4=blue, 5=yellow, 6=magenta, 7=cyan, 8=orange, 9=gray. The image will always be 160x160 resolution (each pixel will be scaled to 10x) however you can provide less characters to the server, in this case the undefined pixels will be black. If a pixel has an invalid character it will be set to black.